Investment Management

The benefit of a hands-on advisor and the savings that come with a flat fee:

  • Custom investment plan: What do you want your life to be like? Will you have the resources you need? We’ll develop a plan so you have the clarity to reach your financial goals.
  • Ongoing portfolio management: You will only need to think about your portfolio when you want to. Movement will manage your money according to your plan, taking action when needed.
  • Resources and advice: Our client portal will keep you updated and you can call or e-mail whenever you need financial advice. Advanced financial planning is an optional service, also for a flat fee.

$3,500 per year

Portfolio Consulting

Want to manage your accounts but interested in guidance to make sure everything is perfect?

  • Initial diagnosis and prescription: Your current portfolio will be analyzed to lower fees, reduce risk, and align allocations with your goals.
  • Portfolio and strategy updates: You will get updates the same day Movement makes portfolio changes for management clients.
  • Quarterly or monthly calls: We’ll talk once a quarter or month (your preference) to discuss your investments and any financial steps that need to be taken.

$2,000 per year

1. Call

We’ll first meet to discuss your current portfolio, account structures, and financial goals.

2. Proposal

I’ll send over a proposal on how to optimize your portfolio and the next financial steps I’d suggest taking.

3. Agreement

We’ll sign a client agreement outlining the ongoing services I’ll provide and the flat fee you’ll pay.