Investment Management

The benefit of a hands-on advisor and the savings that come with a flat fee:

  • We’ll design a custom investment portfolio based on your goals, risk tolerance, and tax situation. All portfolios are based on our data-driven framework.
  • Total management is a comprehensive solution where you approve the investment plan and we manage it on an ongoing basis. This is $3,500 per year and is for investors who want us to take care of all management responsibilities.
  • Directed management is a consulting service providing portfolio guidance. This is $2,000 per year and is for investors who want to independently implement our advice.

Financial Planning

In addition to flat fee management, we help with the following:

  • Retirement planning to stress test retirement viability and evaluate withdrawal strategies that minimize taxes.
  • College preparation to project what is needed for college goals and analyze your state’s options.
  • Social Security filing strategies to maximize benefits for you and your spouse.
  • IRA conversion analysis to see if there’s an advantage in converting a traditional IRA to a Roth.
  • The cost of financial planning varies based on scope. We isolate the cost of planning since it tends to be unique for each client. You don’t pay for it if you don’t need it.

1. Call

We’ll first talk about your goals, timeline, and current investments to build a plan tailored for you.

2. Proposal

You receive portfolio suggestions and concrete advice on how to meet your goals, at no obligation.

3. Agreement

We sign a client agreement outlining Movement’s ongoing advisory services and your flat fee.