Investment Management

Comprehensive management and rebalancing for all your accounts by Movement Capital.

$5,000 per year

Investment Consulting

For active investors who want to independently implement our advice at their current custodian.

$5,000 per year

We take three steps with all new clients. Click on each for a full description:

STEP 1: Organize data on your investments, cash flows, and goals.

This helps us understand your situation and answers questions like:

Am I financially on track to achieve my goals?

How much can I save by using lower cost funds?

Is my portfolio taking too much (or too little) risk?

Are there any tax breaks I’m not taking advantage of?

Are my taxable accounts invested in a tax-efficient way?

Am I overly concentrated in a certain asset class or geographic area?

Can my portfolio be simplified into fewer funds without losing diversification?

STEP 2: Build a financial plan.

For those closer to (or in) retirement:

  • How much you can spend without running out of money
  • The most tax-efficient way to withdraw your assets
  • How to protect against sequence risk
  • Your optimal mix of stocks and bonds
  • How much of a cash reserve to hold

For younger investors:

  • Prioritizing savings between 401k, IRA and taxable accounts
  • Portfolio risk and how it should change as you age
  • Refinancing student loans and mortgage evaluation
  • For parents, choosing and investing in a 529 plan
  • Investing extra cash vs. paying down debt

We’ll meet to discuss the plan and you decide if our service is a good fit for you – at no obligation.

STEP 3: Manage the portfolio so your plan stays on course.

Your accounts can be managed by Movement or by yourself. Advice includes:

  • Determining your optimal balance between stocks and bonds. Movement makes sure each account is aligned with your time horizon, geographically balanced, and tax efficient.
  • Implementing your portfolio with low-cost index funds. For existing accounts, we measure the benefit of switching to lower cost funds and manage around positions with capital gains.
  • Rebalancing and risk management. We implement our data-driven framework to minimize stock downside and taxable accounts are monitored for tax loss harvesting.

Why work with Movement Capital?

Flat Fee

Advisors should prioritize making money for clients, not from clients. The flat fee is our biggest competitive advantage.

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Independent Fiduciary

Movement is an independent RIA, never earns a commission, and has zero incentive to use certain financial products.

Custom Software

All clients get a login to the software we use. You can run your own market stress tests and track your progress 24/7.

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