I have always been committed to optimizing my financial life. As that passion grew, I became the person my friends and family came to for investment advice. I graduated with a degree in financial management, worked for a hedge fund, and started Movement Capital in 2015.

Movement only charges a flat fee. For example, take two investors: one with $250,000 and one with $750,000. If both are billed 1%, the second investor is paying three times more. Why should an investment advisor get paid three times as much for the same amount of work? A flat fee is a fairer way to do business and keeps more money where it belongs: in investor wallets.

Movement is an independent firm and I am the sole owner. Movement doesn’t answer to a bigger company that might have different incentives than you. I handle everything in house – portfolio management, trade execution, and client communication. All client assets are securely managed through an account in your name at Interactive Brokers.

Adam Collins